Anonymity on the Internet

Types of Anonymity In this paper, the word “message” is used to designate any communication unit (e-mail, newsgroup article, web page, pamphlet, book, rumour, etc.) Anonymity means that the real author of a message is not shown. Anonymity can be implemented to make it impossible or very difficult to find out the real author of … Continue reading Anonymity on the Internet


Mental Disorders and Psychiatric Due to Social Media Addiction

Technological developments increasingly sophisticated from time to time. But, in others bringing advancement for everyone, the development of this technology can also bring adverse effects, especially for young or teenage users. Not infrequently, the use of social media that is not wise or deviant and even excessive can lead to psychiatric disorders or mental disorders. … Continue reading Mental Disorders and Psychiatric Due to Social Media Addiction


Pembenci, hampir dipastikan setiap orang di dunia pasti memiliki Pembenci dan setiap orang memiliki orang yang tidak disukai, hanya saja rata-rata setiap orang tidak menyadarinya, karena rata-rata Pembenci tidak akan secara terus terang menyatakan bahwa ketidaksukaan terhadap orang tertentu. Sebagian besar cara Pembenci menunjukkan ketidaksukaan terhadap orang tertentu tidak akan secara terus terang di hadapan … Continue reading Pembenci