Mental Disorders and Psychiatric Due to Social Media Addiction


Technological developments increasingly sophisticated from time to time. But, in others bringing advancement for everyone, the development of this technology can also bring adverse effects, especially for young or teenage users. Not infrequently, the use of social media that is not wise or deviant and even excessive can lead to psychiatric disorders or mental disorders.

To find out early and can do anticipation, let’s know some mental and psychiatric disorders that often occur due to social media addiction.


Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)


Nasristic, must have heard, right? Although often used as a mock phrase for friends who love self-image photos and mirror, but actually this narcissistic is one of the personality disorders that often occur among teenagers today and fatal. Patients with this disorder is very admired itself, do not be surprised if this narcissistic narcissist spread selfie photos and indulgence happiness of themselves. In the real world, this NPD sufferer is usually selfish, lacks empathy and does not want to listen to other people because wants all the attention just centered on itself. Impact? Difficult relationship with people who are too in love and awe of themselves.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)


Everyone who uploads photos on social media must have been curated and edited in such a way as to make it look stunning in the hope of getting lots of likes and gaining fame. Starting from editing the color photos, skin color, and even the details of body parts to look proportional. Unwittingly, it leads social media users to suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, a disorder in which they feel insecure, scared or unconcerned when there are parts of the body that he feels less satisfied.

Typically, this disorder occurs among those who see too many public figure pictures or influencers with the body or appearance they want. As a result, they feel insecure and not confident with their own body.

Unlike the NPD patient who likes to look in the mirror to come back again admire itself, BDD sufferer is actually a hobby to see the glass to remind back which part of the body hated. So, no wonder, because too often see the photos that have been constructed, NPD sufferers are willing to perform surgery, facial treatments and various other changes to its appearance. Impact? Will always feel dissatisfied. So, for you who like to see artist photos, make sure you are perfect enough.



Addiction, is one of the most common disruptions among social media users. Some are hooked on social media checking every hour, some are addicted to watching videos on YouTube and other things. Addiction to the internet and social media is not as simple as it sounds. Because the article, this addiction can cause disruption of daily activities, ranging from insomnia, lack of focus on work and school, even to eliminate productivity and increase laziness. In fact, worse, it could be the sufferer loses real social life because it is only transfixed by communicating through social media.

Social Media Anxiety Disorder


Approximately equal to Addiction, Social Media Anxiety Disorder or SMAD is one of the disorders in which social media users feel dependent and can not be separated from social media. Whenever and wherever, this SMAD sufferer will always check the social media, again work, again eating, or even hangout with friends. Status updates and photographs are mandatory for these SMAD sufferers. But, not only stop there, SMAD sufferers will also check the feedback from other users by checking regularly about how likes or comments obtained got from their posts. If you do not get the likes or desired feedback, or even when the followers are reduced, SMAD sufferers will feel disturbed.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)


Coming up for birthdays, weddings, or small gatherings is definitely one of the must-have moments immortalized in social media, right? But, consciously unconscious, it can actually spur the social media users to have interference Borderline Personality Disorder, which is fear, worries and other mental disorders because it just saw the update of a friend’s event that did not invite them. Perhaps, in the beginning, the feeling is merely a form of annoyance and sadness, however, for a severely ill patient, it will interfere with its life by feeling rejected or abandoned in its environment. In addition to BPD, fear of losing or missing something is also called the FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out.

Not just for others, you also must feel the same when viewing an update of friends who do not invite you.

Munchausen Syndrome


Besides being used to gain fame, social media is also sometimes used to get more attention from others. No wonder, for the sake of getting it, people with Munchausen Syndrome is squirting a sad story or even make up a story and behave as if had a disease to get the attention of others. Horrified, huh?

Compulsive Shopping


For the sake of following the growing trend and bearing the “trendy” status, in the social media world, many people do not even mind making implausible purchases for items that are not even needed or even unenforceable. This happens because of the need for existence in social media, ranging from to status updates and also to get praise and admiration from the virtual world. Following the trend is good, but also consider your abilities and needs.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)


Frequent hand washing, cleaning up a messy room or even just placing an object that looks uneven is a small feature of an OCD sufferer. In social media, OCD is also possible. OCD can be said to be related to perfectionism, the desire to look perfect every time.

In social media, this is often the case especially for people who always look at and edit their photos before they are uploaded to social media, the fear of tagged photos with a face or embarrassing appearance, or even the fear to miss the latest news or social trends media. Not infrequently, OCD social media is willing to spend a lot of time just to get the best photos to upload to its account and will continue to scroll the screen, even to the bottom.

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